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eet customer's demand , can research and develop personnel to design in step in coordination with the customer and the whole world .

Established the research and development department to design using the pivot of Notebook PC since 1990, and since applying for the first international monopoly, the construction group of our company sets up the production line, specialize in the linking the axle of the products , such as electrons , electric apparatuses , computer , information , communication , camera , instruments ,etc.; Become every name international OEM, ODM factory.

Our company research and develop , relevant part of design and manufacture, it sell target every large factory standard nature all kinds of HINGEs mainly, suit turning on and equal to 3C producting to use automatically, the unit price is low, the life-span is high, product performance is the aircraft type that especially developed to every model.

New products cycle : Researched and developed and designed about 45 days to produce in a large amount.
General production cycle:Taiwan- one week; Suzhou- One week.
1. Stage of the plan
New products planningFeasibility analysisDevelopment planPrototype designing

Try doing samplesSelf-criticismDesign drawing

Open the mold Mold discussing Try doing

Part presenting and brushing Customer admits

Try explaining in quantityIt explains to transfer

Quantity producing
2. Production procedure of the products
Get the materialTry doingFirst one checkingAssembleTry checking touringly FQAPackagingFinished product putting in storage

Hinge products equipment instrument (examine and test):

3D coordinate measurement Machine
Video Measuring Tester Machine
Material Push/pull Tester Machine
Material Push/pull Tester Machine
Micro Hardness Tester Machine
RO Type Hardness Tester Machine
Sweeping Tester Machine
Life Test Movie
CNC Auto Lathe Machine
Electric Discharge Machine
Precision Pressure Machine