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New products cycle : Researched and developed and designed about 45 days to produce in a large amount.
General production cycle:Taiwan- one week; Suzhou- One week

Established the research and development department to design using the pivot of Notebook PC since 1990, and since applying for the first international monopoly, the construction group of our company sets up the production line, specialize in the linking the axle of the products , such as electrons , electric apparatuses , computer , information , communication , camera , instruments ,etc.; Become every name international OEM, ODM factory.

Our company research and develop , relevant part of design and manufacture, it sell target every large factory standard nature all kinds of HINGEs mainly, suit turning on and equal to 3C producting to use automatically, the unit price is low, the life-span is high, product performance is the aircraft type that especially developed to every model.
Hinge Structure and Characteristic
Basic Function
Establish torsion value in accordance with the necessary weight of Hinge
The public errand of torsion value is generally !A 10%, can order separately in accordance with the characteristic function . (Close lightly heavily such as opening, one Liang of types torsion, etc.)
Playing the opening type or the wanton angle may stop the regular switch angle.
Single axle type, dual axle types, three axle types.
1. The torsion counts the application of force on the axle or rotates the rotatory strength that the arm produces and calls it; The long X size of gritting strength of arm of force is the torsion value, generally express with kg-mm or kg-cm it.

2.Grit the friction strength born when being static of object of strength (Static Torque ) quietly , grit strength and will certainly be greater than (or close to ) moving the strength of gritting quietly . " gritting strength quietly" is generally after the pivot rotates Left deviation , right and encloses(above 180) half and halfly first , torsion value got examined while and then rotating.

3.Most heavy to grit strength (Max Static Torque ) (Initid Torque ) object construct with make his person who moved in a more cost-effective manner most before not moving while being quiet. " strength that it is gritted that it is the biggest and quiet " is after being 4 hours under stopping the state of pivot , the greatest torsion rotated for the first time. BOSS intensity designed the reference basis.

4.Move and grit the friction strength born while moving of object of strength (Dynamic Torque ).

5.Go back elasticity (Spring-Back ) pivot tie with grit strength support while rotating; Produce and sprain the strength of resisting after rotating, so there is phenomenon of resilience when stopping, his resilience angle department is by spraining and resisting the size that makes every effort and making.

Life test
1.Is it will do 180 to reciprocate switch zero degree, 20,000 or more times life-span.

2.Reciprocate generally 6~15 times with each minute speeds.

It is tested that able to bear shaking
Vibration frequency 5~30 HZ, there is no bad situation by 24 hours.
Fall and test
It does not have bad situation that height of 3 metres is dropped naturally .
Store temperature to test
Pass- 20 degrees Centigrade and 70 degrees Centigrade, putting for 96 hours, there are no bad change and basic performance of meeting the pivot.
The torsion changes performance for a long time
Torsion value decays less than 7%. (put and test one year every week)
Lubricate the oil
Use the special oil to be suitable for the special-purpose oil of HINGE.
Able to bear ABS to corrode, it does not have bad situation that put by one year.
Put it in 100 degrees Centigrade of temperature trough ; Have not been changed by 24 hours.
It is distinguished in accordance with the nut with the color that R, L can turn towards, or in the type matrix , way of gushing out to tally, can also distinguish with the label.