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The spring is the main products that our company established in initial stage , accumulate and is up to the experience of 40 years ownly.

To 1966 and Japanese spring industry pionee spring Industry Corp. ommon investment and technological cooperation, Introduce various kinds of Precision spring auto machine.

Taiwan Professional of spring OEM/ ODM factory.

Offer domestic and international customer's various types of accurate spring, it exceeds more than 4000 kinds to apply to the uses , such as electronic 3C products , medical apparatus , mechanical equipment ,etc. at the same time the product category.

The spring thread material adopts SUS304, SWC, SWP-A, B, C, yellow copper wire, silver copper wire, piano thread, the carbon copper wire,etc...

Production capacity¡Gwire thickness 0.06~5mm.

Supplier¡GJapan¡VSumitomo¡B Japan¡VNippon¡B Korea¡VManho (0.5mm)

Over 150 imported CNC machines and progressive automated forming machines for more than 4,000 kinds of customers configuration.

Cooperate with the technology upgrading and industry to grow up at present, purchase country's accurate automatic spring shaping machine , such as America and Europe , Japan ,etc., the whole factory's automatic production system, the monthly output can be up to more than 100 million, meeting the customer can have the demand.

Adopt and always melt the homework on making, this factory has equipment , such as heat-treatment furnace , electroplating ,etc., the spring is dealt with since shaping , heat treatment , surface, the group sets up the goods, finish in the factory , the sample is made the quality assurance and trust to the customer and examines whole journey to control independently.

Production cycle ¡GSample delivery: 1-5 day.; Production delivery: 2 weeks.

Spring Equipment
Spring Production
Classification of the spring

Compression Spring
Tension Spring Torsion Spring
Compression Spring

It is flat for every circle to move round, pressure because it be able to bear, whose name is can for turning on type in both ends closing type or Wind and put down or rub flat.
Essential materials¡G
(1) Controlling Diameier¡D
(2) Wire or Bar size.
(3) Wire Kind and grade.
(4) Enclose and count¡G (a) Always enclose and count (b) Fasten dextrorotation on the left.
(5) Style of ends.
(6) Wind the load under the length of the song in a certain.
(7) The length changes the load rate in the range.
(8) Maximum solid height.
(9) When using minimum to compress high.

Tension Spring

Typical spring, frank tube and even various kinds of type that get in touch form can in accordance with design shaping from type to various kinds of variant. Every circle encloses it of winding to elongate while receiving strength closely, every end winds a ring to enclose(Loop).
Essential materials¡G
(1) Length of freedom¡G (a) Total length (b) Enclose the body long (c) From the length while enclosing of hook.
(2) Control the diameter¡G (a) Outside (b) Inside (c) Sleeve pipe.
(3) Wire or Bar size.
(4) Wire Kind and grade.
(5) Enclose and count¡G (a) Always enclose and count (b) Fasten dextrorotation on the left.
(6) Model of the end .
(7) Load in the hook.
(8) Load rate , winding song degree , each inch poundage.
(9) The biggest draw and extend degree.

Torsion Spring

The coming very much of variant spring, sprained to pair spraining only and even various kinds of becoming types of torsion bar must be in accordance with designing shaping.
Every circle is it wind or is it wind to enclose separately to enclose closely, in order to be able to right to let load of turning back(meet at right angles with axis of the spring).
The end of the spring can wind into a form of the hook or turn back the arm directly.
Essential materials¡G
(1) Length of freedom
(2) Control the diameter¡G (a) Outside (b) Inside (c) Sleeve pipe of ouside and inside.
(3) Wire or Bar size.
(4) Wire Kind and grade.
(5) Enclose and count¡G (a) Always enclose and count (b) Fasten dextrorotation on the left.
(6) Turn back strength : The side is transfered to a certain poundages of angle.
(7) Most heavy to wind degree (whether free position regard as angle that blow).
(8) Model of the end.