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Stamping department products in every part its develop to try on from mold design mould finish, divide floor and responsible for and cooperated with advanced mechanical equipment , accurate quantity to examine the instrument and careful attitude of discretion by professional personnel, exhaust producing the high-quality mould of mental and physical efforts, in order to as penetrating shaping with press the edge toll produced.

Deep understanding of our company, only specialized design talent , accurate making the technology of the mould and equipment, could impel and revitalize the orientation and innovate , asks the progressive goal to march towards on new day .

Adopt and always melt the homework on making in our company, deal with from press shaping , heat treatment , surface, the group sets up the goods, finish in the factory , the sample is made the quality assurance and trust to the customer and examines the whole procedure to control independently.

Heat treatment , electroplating device and technology that have now, develop various kinds of high-accuracy metal parts with the customer together; Develop and wash the making type and measure over 1200 each year at present.

The steel is supplied: SUS301, 304, Brass, SECC, SPECC, SK-5, SK-7 ,etc..

Production cycleˇG(1)Laser sample of craft 3-7 Day (2)Mould 4 weeks (3)The products are handed over 3 weeks

Precision Steel Assembly Production

Demand and understanding Design the pictureSample confirming Confirm the picture

Open the mold pictureMold making Mold thread is cut and assembly

Sample making Inspection testingPart confirming

Quantity tryingTransfer and confirm

Specification confirming

Manufacturing engineering picture confirming Formal quantity producing

Precision Metal Stamping & Pressing Assembly Production

Get the materiaMachinery produces the station Stand in processing two times

Surface dealing with and examining Quality controlling

PackagingTo storage

Stamping & Lathe Assembly Equipment:

Precision Pressure Machine
Mitsubishi Laser Cutter Machine
Mitsubishi Wire Cutter Machine
Electric Discharge Machine
Automatic Center Computer Machine
CNC Auto Lathe Machine